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The Alan Parsons Rejects


This band began as a side-project for some of the StoneBlue crew, and has slowly evolved through a series of half-assed jam sessions beginning in August, 2003. Initially begun with light man Brian on guitar and sound man Rowland on bass and vocals, we've gone through a few variations:

Jamming @ Sean's:

After months of throwing ideas around and hanging in Rowland's living room, trying to find a drummer among three guys who said they could play, but didn't have a drium kit, we finally got together in Sean's garage with his step-brother Travis, jamming three different Saturdays before the Lakewood PD made us rethink our options. These included Rowland on bass, drums and vocals, Brian on guitar, Sean on guitar and bass, Travis on drums, and Dawn and Paul showed up once to check things out. A few song ideas started to come together, but some personality conflicts definately came up.
Songs originating from these sessions:
Little Friends, "Insomnia", "The Evil Intro"
Jamming @ Dawn's:
We decided we didn't want the Travis and Sean package, so got together on Dawn's patio a couple times with Rowland on bass and vocals, Dawn on vocals, Brian on guitar and we dug up old friend Chris on drums. Chris simply kicks ass, and even though he's too good for us, was willing to hang and have fun. However, his schedule was way too tight (another band and a video production company, as well as a full-time job) so we decided to try another idea. We bought a drum kit cheap at Guitar Center and started calling the three different guys who all claimed they could play, cuz now we had a kit.
Songs originating from these sessions:
Sixteen Tons, "Dawn's Jazz Groove", Please Don't Die
Jamming @ Rowland's:
We called in old friend Dave on bass, who'd been dying to jam for a while and he quickly became a permanent addition. Rowland now played drums and Brian guitar, Dawn started splitting vocal parts more with Rowland, and after a couple good Sunday afternoons, we brought Sean back into the mix on guitar (and bass when Dave couldn't make it a couple times). Several songs actually managed to get finished and we decided this was actually going someplace. Frustrated that none of the three volunteer drummers ever managed to show, Rowland decided to keep his new position. Then, deciding this really wasn't for her, Dawn backed out of the picture.
Songs originating from these sessions:
Teeples & Thatcher, Hollow, Crawling
Recording & Downtime:
Following the "successful" debut @ The Stagger Inn, a few weeks of nothing happened. Then, using his ADAT studio, Rowland recorded drums on four of the songs, with Brian and Sean putting guitar parts on two of them. The following weeks rehearsals consisted of one with just Rowland and Sean, two with just Rowland and Brian, and a brief appearance each by (the other) Dave and (the other) Sean on drums for under ten minutes. Then a couple more weeks of nothing... Hey, Rome wasn't built in a day.
Songs originating from these sessions:
"That Punk Song", Silent Rage, Frye
Determined & Apathetic:
Rowland and Brian were having too much fun to give it up, so they kept getting together every week, coming up with new ideas, finishing old ones, and honing their playing skills up to the level of mediocre. Rowland was doing vocals and drums, with a bit of bass, Brian was playing guitar while taking over on some of the vocals. They still wanted Sean on lead guitar and Dave on bass, but neither seemed to be interested enough to find the time. So they brought in Mike from StoneBlue, who agreed to check things out before deciding. After one week of observing and one week of jamming, he officially threw his hat in the ring. They then decided that all three would trade off instruments and vocals from song to song, as originally conceived.
Songs originating from these sessions:
Happy Land, "The Blues-Rock Groove", "Cageless Avarian"
Next 2 Nothing:
Mike realized he had too much else going on to really commit, so that didn't last. Then Rowland started spending all his time @ work and Brian spent all his time with his new girlfriend. In spite of talk to the contrary, we didn't actually manage to get together for a few months. We finally started things back up by the one year mark in August, but couldn't get "roadie" Dave to quit being a rude-ass flake and be our drummer. Since we weren't getting together, Rowland instead started putting together some demo recordings of songs to put up on the web-site.
Songs originating from these sessions:
"That Offspring Song", Fat Little Man
Up 2 Something:
After many, many months of nearly nothing at all, we were re-energized by the self-delusional false hope of getting to play @ The StoneBlue Grand Finale show. But it was enough of an excuse to convince Sean to get back to showing up and play some bass, and three weeks of jamming later, the three of us can truly feel this is finally coming together into something legitimate. Honestly, we still know we suck, and this is still intended to be more of a punchline than a band, but we've actually got some decent songs that we can actually play pretty decently.
Songs originating from these sessions:
Boo-Boo Kitty Fuck, The Trooper, Mother
4 Guys Live:
With things getting tighter as a three-piece, we did an impromptu show in June, using the excuse that an old friend was coming into town for the weekend, topped off by a live jam with rotating musician friends in the audience. We were surprised by the relatively positive response. Then Mike pointed Albert our way, and within a couple days in the garage, we had a full-time bassist. We spent weeks getting him up to speed on most of the finished songs, then Sean brought in his new gear and we could finally fill in lead guitar parts that were previously only in our heads. We soon did our first show as a four-piece in September and got a really positive reaction. We actually drew quite a crowd and sounded tight enough to garner some legitimate compliments from the doubters. But it didn't last.
Songs originating from these sessions:
Love Slave, Live The Past, Swimming With Sharks, Afraid To Fart
Bassist Number 6:
Personal issues we don't need to detail here caused Albert to go on a permanent hiatus. Weeks went by without Sean as well, so we enlisted Rowland's twelve-year-old son as the new bassist. He was now playing bass in the middle-school jazz band, and he was already familiar with the material, so he learned the songs quicker than any of his predecessors. He also had no job, no girlfriend, no drugs, and no transportation issues to keep him from practice, so he can only flake when he has homework. Sean soon reformed ranks with us, and we started completing and tightening up the newer material in anticipation of booking our next gig.
Songs originating from these sessions:
Independence Day, Frame 352, Insomnia
Full Speed Ahead:
Coming up on our fourth show at diPiazza with the same lineup, 2006 has seen us turn almost legitimate. We've tightened up greatly as a four-piece and are feeding off each other rather well. With newer material sounding stronger and being honed faster into solid songs, we've been on quite a good roll for several months. I'm sure something will derail us again soon.
Songs originating from these sessions:
Freight Train Rollin', Autumn Of '79, The Life Of Brian
Backpeddling Again:
After a year of cohesiveness, we took a few months off for the holidays. In January 2007, we started from scratch on some new recordings, which began with hastily repairing the damage to the drum kit from the last show. After a couple months of weekly sessions, in between which Rowland edited and mixed, we had five finished songs, four of which we posted on MySpace. But at the same time, Sean started focusing on stabilizing his domestic life, leaving us without a lead guitarist as we prepared for our next show. We quickly enlisted Rowland's daughter's boyfriend, a skilled player with a strong death-metal influence. He agreed to slum with us through the next show.
Songs originating from these sessions:
"The Alice In Chains Thing", "The Sepul-teaser"
Sending It Up:
That one show with Kenneth was our biggest music-industry satire ever, something we'd been long planning since before we'd even written a song. We did a brief set, badly out of tune whilst fighting with each other, and mid-song the band broke up onstage. After the following band's set, we retook the stage and announced our reunion tour, now getting along fine, with a full light show and a well practiced, professional second set. The next show in July saw Sean rejoining ranks, but Rowland's job change and the usual chaos of October made us lay low until the new year.
Songs originating from these sessions:
"Sean's Car", "That Evil Clown Thing"
Laying It Down:
After a new show in February, 2008, DJ Rimes approached us and asked to join the group. After just a couple practices to get him up to speed, we debuted as a five-piece a month later. Now able to hone some of the more difficult material, a show in June showcased some better material, including a track from DJ's old band Verdugo and the long gestating Frame 352.
Songs originating from these sessions:
Josey Wales, AIC remix
Bringing It Back:
Then we did nothing for a few months. Sean announced he was auditioning for another band and moving on. Then DJ called up Brian to see if we still wanted him, so we finally got together again in September. We'll see where it goes next.
Songs originating from these sessions:
Soldiers Of The Dead