Kelsung Productions

by Rowland
by Brian
by Sean
by Nick
by DJ
by Mike

The Alan Parsons Rejects


Little Friends


Tick-Tock, body knock, attacking cock never stops
Many voices in my brain, let me know that I'm insane
Little girls in my life, stabbing through like a knife
Free your hands of the blood, all it takes when it's done

Forty-five is what I mean, makes me hard when it screams
Boom-Boom, it cries to me, little friends setting free
Chase them down, knock them out, forever lay without a doubt
Little friends running free, at a party serving tea

Drink it down like a shot, the taste of you makes me rot
Like a load slipping out, little friends scream and shout
Pulsing through, blood in veins, explode inside, twisting rage
Tick-Tock, body knock, attacking cock never stops

The best of Mike's three lyrical contributions, the song was written around it


Tie it off - Stick it in - The bleeding will begin
You're dying - Just to try - The killing that you've seen
The demons I battle - Everyday of my life
Are what some would call - The dying of a wife

And it's just endless screaming deep inside my mind
[ You have lost all self control ]
And as I crawl ahead, I feel it stabbing from behind
[ And all these dreams will take their toll ]
You need it - You love it - You want it to leave
The pain that - It's bringing - Is meeting all your needs
I keep killing myself - With every breath I take
But wanting to love it - Only teaches me to hate
You're screaming - And crying - And wanting to die
It comes out - In the words - You want to get high
The hole inside my life - Like the one in my head
Is bringing me relief - And now I'm finally dead

Brian's riff arranged by Rowland, then we tacked Mike's lyrics on and added a chorus

Silent Rage

Today is the day, I ask you to stay
The way that I mean, I eat bug spray
Choking on chicken, is what we do best
Leaving red M&M's, in a blue velvet vest

Listen to Dylan, or blow up the stage
Seems you never hear, 'bout bicycle road rage
Still I don't know why, I'm writing these words
I've never been hurt by, all those things I heard

I'm dying to know, where the Hell I've been
Like the star on the map, when you step in
Wasted and weary, like a dog on the ground
Suffer in silence, when no one's around

Our Slayer rip-off, this took at least three sessions for us to get what we wanted, and these lyrics are the last and worst of Mike's, but we modified them to fit

Afraid To Fart

Taco Bell, Jack Daniels
Oh my God, what's that smell?
Stomach churning, ass is burning
Leaving me with such a yearning
What the hell did I do last night?
Teeth are clenching as I wipe
Puke, shit, puke, shit
That's why I can't let one rip

Pepto, Maalox, Milk of mom
Those asada tacos were the bomb
Why the fuck do I eat this way?
Am I going to fart today?
Peppers burning in my gut
Beer and peanuts coming up
Puke, shit, puke, shit
That's why I can't let one rip

Dripping, burning, noxious gas
Toxic mud from my ass
Nacho cheese, whirled peas
Gimme extra chili please
Mixing this can't be smart
That's why I'm afraid to fart
Puke, shit, puke, shit
That's why I can't let one rip

Arranged by Rowland from Sean's riff and a jam with Brian, we later added Mike's lyrics